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I think that this and the other post about the guy who listed all of the things he has done for the N&WHS. Shows how this list is serving one purpose only.
  I have to agree with Jim brewer in that the runs are not the same for everyone.
  I'm going to have to think about if I want to remain on this list and even a member of the N&WHS for that matter. It's getting to click-sh for me.
Take Care
Fred Mullins
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>   This is a question for those who model N&W structures.  What N&W structure is needed in HO, possibly
>   in O scale that would follow a laser cut format that N&W modelers would like to see produce?  I am seriously
>   looking for something of wide use.  It could also be a Virginian structure also.  Preferably one in the fifties of later.
> Stephen,  one item that is needed in both scales is a high quality laser cut kit for a wood coaling tower.   It would not matter to most modelers if it was N&W/VGN or not, thus there would be a wide market for the kit among fans of other roads who hopefully would buy the kits.   A wood coaling tower has not been available since the Alexander kit in HO, or the Gloor Craft kit in O, and the current technology would produce a much superior model.  
> And a sincere thank you to you for all you have done for the society!
> Michael Ross, Ft Worth, TX
> Where the VGN Ry is slowly being built through the Appalachians in O Scale
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