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Very good thought, but you didn't sign your name.  Jim Nichols

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> If I may, I'd like to add to what Steve, Bill(s),
> Andre, and Ken have said on this, and hopefully adding
> light and not heat.  Any comparison with COHS is kind
> of academic, as COHS currently has 3 full time
> employees, two buildings, and the related expenses.
> Also, sales are closer to $400K-$600K per year. (A
> million would be nice, Steve, very nice, but...).  And
> I think Jim Brewer would admit that Tom Dixon, and
> Margaret Whittington, have been totally giving in
> terms of advice, including of the "we did this and it
> may have been a mistake--you might want to avoid it"
> type. Neither organization is in a position to take on
> many projects that are money losers, and both
> organizations have professionals--like Bill
> Mosteller[sp?]who would probably be delighted to do it
> if they had proper help and a reasonable likelihood of
> a good return. My $.02
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