Steam Decals

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Tue Dec 14 21:52:59 EST 2004

If I may, I'd like to add to what Steve, Bill(s),
Andre, and Ken have said on this, and hopefully adding
light and not heat.  Any comparison with COHS is kind
of academic, as COHS currently has 3 full time
employees, two buildings, and the related expenses. 
Also, sales are closer to $400K-$600K per year. (A
million would be nice, Steve, very nice, but...).  And
I think Jim Brewer would admit that Tom Dixon, and
Margaret Whittington, have been totally giving in
terms of advice, including of the "we did this and it
may have been a mistake--you might want to avoid it"
type. Neither organization is in a position to take on
many projects that are money losers, and both
organizations have professionals--like Bill
Mosteller[sp?]who would probably be delighted to do it
if they had proper help and a reasonable likelihood of
a good return. My $.02


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