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Good morning,
I have been a member of this society  approximately eight years. I have been 
an  N&W fan for more than 45 years. When I found an ad for membership in a 
magazine, I jumped at the chance  to join, for the love of the railroad and 
the hobby. I grew up on the east coast and I was fortunate enough to have 
been a passenger on  a number of  N&W passenger trains and have fond 
 Later in life  I moved out west to the "Land of Enchanment", where I have 
been subjected to the abuse of  UP, SP, AT&SF,& now BNSF (those funny 
pumpkin engines).
When I retired from the real world, I took a job in a model train shop to 
keep me busy. A number of years ago I asked  Bob Bowers to send me 
membership applications to display in the store. They were received 
favorably and every time  I give my convert speech to someone, I hear the 
same thing.... probably one of the finest societies out there.
 I rarely  input to the discussion group because I don't feel I am as 
qualified as many others. Being out west there's not much I can do in the 
way of volunteer work for the society. My only means of supporting the 
society is is to purchase from the commissary and do my part with the 
original building drive as well as renew my membership promptly. Yes, it is 
always the same people who keep the machine running smoothly and receive 
little recognition. Thanks guys for a great Society!!!!
Jim is a little more diplomatic than I, but alas, I've mellowed over the 
years, so maybe, Stephen you should try anger management  therapy?
John Lisica

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> Stephen:  If it is so easy, why don't you get the decals made? I am sure
> someone of the archive volunteers would make the drawings available to
> you if you would agree to do the rest. As for "Hire someone," are you
> willing to put up the money? To paraphrase JFK, "Ask not what your
> society can do for you. Ask what you can do for your society." I will
> take your request more seriously when I see you doing more volunteer
> work for the society.    Jim Nichols
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