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Mon Dec 13 04:47:57 EST 2004

I'm in the business of producing decal sets.  I'm able to start from 
prototype photos (not my favorite approach) or lettering diagrams (much 
easier) and produce dead on decals.  I never have too many projects 
where I have enough information.  For example, I've got one project 
stopped dead because I don't have a picture of the other side of a truck 
with a diagonal on it.  (Which way does the diagonal go on the other 
side?  I don't know.  Some people "think" they know, but I'm not willing 
to bet my money on their think.)  O-scale?  I pay for decals by area, so 
those sets are very expensive to produce.  And while N-scalers (God love 
'em) by my sets in bunches, O-scalers want one decal.  Hard to break 
even that way.

Bill Mosteller
Great Decals!

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