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  So your 2 cents says that we don't need the society to do anymore,  Wrong!  Hire someone!  The C&O 
scociety does and has done over 1 million in sales, just ask Dixon.
  Why is there always someone with an excuse of why the Society can't do something?  We need to do away with the Can't attitude and adopt the Can attitude!  If the volunteers are taxed to the limit, does that mean the Society stops growing cause we can't do anymore?  Again, I say Hire someone!
  By the way, I wasn't asking for the Society to make the decals, I was asking for the Society to have the decals done by a professional maker.  The time to make the decals doesn't take that long.  You can fax, mail, email, etc., the lettering diagrams from the archives to the decal maker and he does the rest!  Once a decal is done, the work is where's the "overwhelming burden"?
  I do agree with Jimmy.  Why are there no decals for O Scale when there are more O Scale products produced now more than ever??  Is it because someone in our Society says it doesn't sell?  Or is it because somebody might be overwhelmed?
Stephen Rineair
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  The store is already offering decals from 5 different people. The archive is run primarily by volunteers and that is already time demanding on them. To add decal making would be an overwhelming burden. Stop and think of what goes into producing a quality, accurate decal. This process can be time consuming. As it is there are some decals that are not 100% accurate. Is that the way you would like to go?  The latest "Commissary" has an updated to March 04 CD of the archuves and additional information. This CD has been available for some time and is updated when time allows. Perhaps you need to read the article in the NOV/DEC 2004 "The ARROW" by Gordon Hamilton before you make any more comments on the availability of information from the archives and the Society. My 2 cents worth.

  Alan Cox 


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