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Unfortunately the Branchline heavyweight coaches aren't in "heavyweight 
era" color scheme either. They have the 1955-1956 dlux yellow lettering 
and black roof.  The listed names on the Branchline website for Pullman 
cars are correct, but I haven't seen the color yet.
I want to model "New York train" 1/2 in both eras, but the paint is 
wrong for 1940 and the roof is wrong for 1962. ARRGGHHHHH!

Jeff Cornelius

nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:
> This is a correction to my previous reply:
> The Walthers heavy weight series are NOT available in N&W paint schemes
> at this time.  The undecorated sleepers are unpainted and unlettered. 
> Paint and decals are  left up to the modeler.
> IHC offers a series of N&W heavy weights, including both 12/1 and 8/1/2
> sleepers with appropriate car names.  Interior kits are also available. (
> I have several) The cars would require extra weight, as they are a bit
> light.  McHenry conversion coupler units can be installed very easily. 
> Sorry for my error!
> Walthers is listing B60b baggage cars in both PRR and N&W road names
> which will be available sometime in spring/summer 2005.
> Bob Laine
> Manassas, VA
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