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Ah, that was definately a non standard application if there ever was 
one. The 821 at Shaffers Crossing is also the only steam locomotive 
that I have ever seen that carried an N&W herald. It was only for a 
short while, something the folks at Shaffers did in their spare time.

The G-1 tank is tiny and I believe that lettering was a variation of 
the 1920 or so lettering style. I'll have to see what I have for a 
photo of that. I know the No. 6 at VMT was last lettered by the N&W in 
the late 1960s after vandalism, it has been taped over and repainted 
several times since then.  I suspect that the Microscale set is for 
modern steam, ie Ys, Js, As S1/S1a etc. since only two of the G-1's 
were in service in the post war era, it may be a bit tough to get them 

Ken Miller
On Nov 28, 2004, at 11:34 PM, nw-modeling-list at wrote:

> Ken
> Sorry for the confusion, the stacked lettering was on a W6 0-8-0T 
> (Rosenburg, N&W Steam pg. 7).
> I'm really looking for the extremely compressed lettering for a G-1.  
> I started painting it years ago but haven't been able to letter it.
> Thanks
> Stoney
> Rick C. Stone

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