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That lettering on the RS-3 was Alco's version of the N&W steam 
lettering, I've never seen anything like it in decal form. It was quite 
similar to the lettering that was put on the RF&P and ACL E units on 
lease. I don't think I have seen a GP9 in the same style lettering, and 
the EMD painting diagram 8229770 reflects 10 inch lettering, like the 
steam style and all the photos I have are of that style.  That drawing 
is updated through August 1955. They were all all black, Duco for the 
carbody. Trucks, and all underbody was dulux.  Duco ''gold''  lettering 
for road name, cabside numbers, letter ''F'' and ''Fire Extinguisher''. 
Handrails or step edges painted black. Number board style was still to 
be specified on this drawing but would be white insert style numbers.

Ken Miller
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> Listers  -
> Let me piggyback on Rick's request and ask if anyone knows of the 
> proper
> decal set to use for the 1955 version of the RS-3 or GP-9 N&W placed in
> service in the Durham area.  From the pictures I have seen, they appear
> to be similar, but not identical, to the lettering on a tender, but I
> can't find a decal or 'rub on' that matches.  Also, I've only seen B&W
> photos.  It appears that the engine is totally black, other than
> lettering and numbers.  Is that correct?  I sent an email asking if 
> they
> had ever considered doing the RS-3 in the original N&W scheme.  In
> response, they had not, but gave some slight hope that they would
> consider it in the future.  Maybe more emails would push them to do so.
> Thanks for any help you can provide,
> Bill Smith

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