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Sun Nov 28 14:08:15 EST 2004

> Listers
> Does anyone make (or is willing to make) decals for the smaller classes of N&W
> steam locos?  I need the lettering for a W class which was kind of compressed
> it 
> looks like in photos.  I also need the stacked lettering used on the really
> short tender behind a G class.
> Anybody have any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Stoney
> Rick C. Stone
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YEA!!!   I second that!.. CORRECT 1934-1941 and 1918-1934 Sets in BRONZE
GOLD for those backdating the LL Y3's and The original 1936 "A" class had
the "NORFOLK&WESTERN" under the cab window too.  Maybe an even smaller set
for the K3's as built too?  Chump Decals never did an entirely correct set,
even when they advertised such a thing.

I think I read that the Bronze Gold was phased out around 1941????

Mark Lindsey

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