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Three-axle trucks, or six-wheel trucks.  N&W Lewis design.

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  Would the 15,000 gallon tender have had 2-wheel trucks, or 3-wheel trucks?

  Bob Welsh
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    According to the listing in Vern French's Williamson terminal book, as of 31 DEC 1955, the tenders for Z-1's were a mix of 18,000 and 16,000 tenders.  Of the 52 locomotives listed, 21 were listed with 16,000 gallon tenders.  However, there is some uncertainty in this listing as to the actual tenders assigned to each locomotive.  It would appear that a Z-1 with a 15,000 gallon tender was headed to the scrap line.  There was a good deal of swapping around at that time as many steam locomotives were heading to the scrap or storage lines as the diesel deliveries built up..

    Prior to about 1956, many of the E-2's had 15,000 gallon tenders, 578 certainly did as did 563.  

    The 31 Dec 1955 listing shows most of the Y-3's and Y-3a's with fish belly 18,000 gallon tenders with some locomotives getting the ex-B&LE 22,000 gallon tenders.  

    For 1954, the Y-3's, Y-3a's and Z-1'c could use the 16,000 or the 18,000, the E-2 would most likely have the 15,000 gallon tender.

    G Rolih, Cincinnati 

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          Tender Question

          I am working on:
          Z1b, E2a, Y3, Y3a.
          I have 3 18,000 gal tenders and 1 16,000 gal tender.

          In 1954 which of those engine would be the most likely to have the 16,000 gal tender.
          E2a #578 got a 18,000 right? but was that later?
          On a Z1b what was the most typical tender in '54.

          John Rhodes


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