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Since I guess I really started this thread...  Please note I was very careful
to use the word ANNOUNCE as opposed to the word ADVERTISE.  If someome is
soliciting any type of feedback, including the posibility of a purchase of an
available product, the email should simply provide an off-list contact.  I
belong to several lists where this is accepted practice.  Advertising of a
"general" product is also explicitly banned on these lists too.  This list is
for N&W modelers; I expect to find information not typically available from
other sources.  If folks who want to cater to our specific interests are
prohibited from using this forum for initail expresions of interest or saying
"I have unilaterally decided to spend my money to promote modeling this
prototype", what's the point of the list?  

If we wait for word-of-mouth or print adverts, only those "in-the-know"
will be
at the front of the line.  Maybe "they" want to keep it that way.

Jim Stapleton
> All,
> I don't think there should be ads, but I am strongly in favor that an
> announcement of N&W models be made on the list. I am sure I don't know every
> N&W model out there. But seeing an announcement here or on a webpage on the
> web site would be very Helpful.
> John Rhodes
> >>>>>SNIP
>> I agree that shops should not advertise nor should a manufacture on this
>> forum. As info is announced is would 
>> behoove us to keep ecah other informed. Gogal and Railway Classic have both
>> announed their items years to 
>> months ago. The moderator did the right thing, and was fair to all parties.
>> If the society members would like 
>> to see these products come to market, I strongly recommend that we express
>> our interest to them. 

>> Jim B. 
>> I am with you. I think that this list should allow announcements of N&W 
>> specific products. I don't mean another product with an NW hamburger
>> on the side, but things that are aimed directly at the folks that subscribe
>> to 
>> this list. It is in our best interest to at least allow the
>> producer/importer 
>> to make the announcement. I agree that shops that offer the products fall 
>> into a completely different category.
>> Jim Stapleton 
>> =========== 
>> > I find it interesting that this message is acceptable on this list;
>> however, 
>> > when I attempted to announce my N&W kits, it was rejected as too
>> commercial. 
>> > 
>> > Go figure. 
>> > 
>> > Jim Brewer 

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