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Personally, I have no objection to commercial messages on this list.  I like
receiving information on N&W and related models, either currently available,
or planned, from any source.
John SImmons

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I find it interesting that this message is acceptable on this list; however,
when I attempted to announce my N&W kits, it was rejected as too commercial.
Go figure.
Jim Brewer

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Railway Classics is taking reservation for the 7 car Blue Bird done in
brass.  The pullman dome is a car of interest to N&W modelers. As you see in
their reply to the dealers They need some encouragement. Please e-mail them
if you would like to see this happen.
----------------------------------------------------------------Hi Stephan,

We are still in the reservation gathering stage of this project and do not
have a firm schedule for its completion.

We have considered offering the PS Dome Parlor in the N&W/Southern versions,
but are uncertain how many reservations we would get.  Could you give us an
idea of the demand for these?  Also, we would need a contact to obtain
research data on these versions.  

Thanks for writing! 

Dave Lotz    Railway Classics


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