Wabash/N&W/Southern DOME

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Sun Oct 31 21:13:00 EST 2004

Jim B.
I am with you.  I think that this list should allow announcements of N&W
specific products.  I don't mean another product with an NW hamburger slapped
on the side, but things that are aimed directly at the folks that subscribe to
this list.  It is in our best interest to at least allow the producer/importer
to make the announcement.  I agree that shops that offer the products fall
a completely different category.

Jim Stapleton
At 07:53 PM 10/31/2004 -0500, you wrote: 
> I find it interesting that this message is acceptable on this list; however,
> when I attempted to announce my N&W kits, it was rejected as too commercial.
> Go figure.
> Jim Brewer

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