Tyco Chattanooga 2-8-0

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> How would I get a copy of said article?
> Bob Welsh
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>> Hi Bob;
>> A G would be out of the question, it is much much smaller than the Tyco
>> model.  And it is still large for a W.  It depends on how close you want
> to
>> get, and how much work you are willing to do.  There have been a couple of
>> excellent articles in Mainline Modeler on building steam locomotives from
>> plastic a few years back.  One was on building a scale model of a J one
> the
>> Bachmann Plus mechanism, it showed up about the same time the Spectrum
>> version was announced.  A W on Tyco Chattanooga chassis would be a similar
>> project.
>> Nigel F Misso
>> nfmisso at mchsi.com
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>>> How much effort would be required to modify the inexpensive Tyco
>> Chattanooga
>>> Choo Choo locomotive into one of the N&W 2-8-0 units, either a G or a W?
> I
>>> have tried to pull up pictures of these on a N&W photo archive hosted at
>> VT
>>> but many of the links do not work, including some for the 2-8-0 classes.
> I
>>> have two of these locos left over from old train sets and would not mind
>>> painting them and detailing them to fit N&W prototypes if possible.
>>> Bob Welsh
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The MDC 2-8-0 Old Timer is more close to the size of the G1's.  A new cab
and frame extension on the back is all that's needed...along with new
details on the boiler and a new pilot.  Spoked wheel up front too.

Mark Lindsey


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