4-8-0 M-2 class

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>On the 15,000 gal. tender if you don't want to go with brass you can 
>kitbash it from a bachman Spectrum Auxillary water tender not the 
>excursion tank which was modified from an L&N M1b tender.
>John Rhodes
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>Thanks Mark,
>After I sent the email, I thought of the words seperately and thought 
>'stoker' was for the coal. Just never heard of street stoker. Anyway, 
>pressure velief valves, eh? Interesting. Now all I need to know is how to 
>make one, as I am buying 2 of the 4-8-0's, I would like for at least one, 
>the 15,000 gal. tender version, to have it since it is very distinctive. 
>The road numbers I am getting are 1153, which I know had one, the other, 
>1157, I don't know if it had one or not. It had the smaller 9,000 gal. 
>tender. At least 'as-built'.
>Tony Burgess
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