Hopper decal Availabilty

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I am in the process of assisting Micro-Scale in developing decals for coal
hoppers in "N" Scale. My contact there is interested in producing a set of
decals that he can make in either "N" or "HO", for the obvious reasons. The
vintage that I'm interested in is from 1920's to 1950, modeling the earlier
classes of hoppers. If the lettering for both eras is the same, I will
advise them. I do need to know who produces undecorated (not necessarily
undecorated) hoppers that are of the appropriate classes.

Thanks for the assistance... perhaps, we can both get what we want.

Steve Shetter

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Now that Champ is going out of business. Is there a source for 50-60's
vintage N&W decal sets for hopper cars. Thanks.

Vance M. Pomerening

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