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I purchased my G-1 from Ed Painter a couple of years ago.  It is by Alco
Models, but was actually manufactured by ROK-AM in Korea (They manufactured
models for a number of different importers).  Mine is an excellent runner
(not very powerful, but the speed is prototypically slow, and these engines
would be mostly pulling short trains on branch lines anyway).  Tony is
right, it is in a long blue box.  It seems to have been modeled from the
engine on display in Bluefield, as the appliances match that engine (two
"simple" air pumps on the left side).  In some of the G-1 photos you see,
the engine has a single "simple" air pump on the left side.

The G-1 is one of my favorite engines (My model railroad is to be based on
the NRH&W).  If BLI can be persuaded to make a 2-8-0, the G-1 gets my vote
(but I am wondering if they can fit the sound system in that little tender -
I think it is 3,000 gallon?)

NWSL did a W-2 way back when. Modernized with Baker valve gear.  Don't know
if anyone else has done either of these 2-8-0's.

John Simmons

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Alco Models did the G-1.  It was one of the last locomotives that they 
did and it is hit and miss as to the running qualities.  Some of the 
frames were built off square and need to be rebuilt.

Kurt S. Kramke MMR

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