Lambert's Point Turntable

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Tue Jul 6 09:51:17 EDT 2004

I'm into 7-1/2" gauge 1.6 scale "Live Steam" railroading.   I would like 
to build a 1.6in/ft model of the Lambert's Point turntable, or a similar 
Thru-truss turntable.  I shot lots of 35mm and 16mm in the late 50's of 
the N&W, and have several photos of the turntable, but I have no 
dimensions.  I'm sort of a stickler for getting the dimensions correct 
and hate to scale photos.

Does anyone know of any magazine or other source for these drawings or 
specs.  Last year, I wrote the N&WHS President and was told that nothing 
had yet been found on turntables in the N&WHS Archives.

Thank you,
Ron Peisker

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