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I too am on a budget. My era is late 40's to mid 50's, and my roster presently has a Mantua 4-6-2 (painted and numbered to match 578), a pair of 2-8-0 Tyco products repainted and renumbered to match #303 and 239, an 0-6-0 painted and numbered for #232. I also have a few that do not match any N&W prototype - a 4-6-4 and 2-6-2 that were lettered for NYC prototypes and an 0-4-0 that is presently lettered for a Pennsylvania switcher.
I am saving up for a 2-6-6-4 and have my eyes open for a J, but right now the bulk of my funds are going into benchwork and trackwork and scenery. Although anything that fits into the 1945-1955 N&W era works with me right now.

Bob Welsh
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  My first choice would be the streamlined K2 4-8-2. I would take a M or M2, as I have recently received information that 4-8-0's ran in Williamson in the 1950's (My era is about 1954-1956). I am on a budget, and my roster reflects cheaper steam choices: IHC 4-6-2 and 4-8-2(in gradual conversion into a K1) two Bachmann J's, a Rivarossi Y6b, a Model Power 2-8-0 and a BLI A 2-6-6-4. I would be also interested in a Y6/Y6a and a Z1b.

  Lois J. Ponton

  Steam Princess 


  >I have a NWSL E2a, and they seem to be common enough at a reasonable price, and 
  >they are not an extreme project from a Bowser NYC K11.  I also have a LMB M. 
  >I really want M2's from BLI, but M, M1, or any Z1 would be great! 
  >Nigel F Misso 
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