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Planning is underway for a one-day N&W Historical Society Modelers'
Mini-Convention (or MiniCon) in Vienna, Virginia, a suburb of Washington,
D.C., on Saturday, November 20, 2004.  A very nice facility - the Flame Room
at the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department -- has been reserved for that date.

Details of the program are a little sketchy at this point but we are
planning to present clinics on subjects of interest to N&W and VGN modelers
and anyone else interested in good modeling.  We will also have tables for
Show & Tell and probably have vendors of the sort you see at many N&W HS
functions.  There may be layout tours, but the Potomac Division/Mid East
Region/NMRA has a pretty aggressive year round layout open house program so
we'll have to think more about that.

For the clinics we will need people to develop (or dust off) suitable
presentations.  This could be you!  The clinic topics should be focused on
N&W or VGN subjects but don't have to be on creating models.  They could
consist of  presenting N&W and VGN prototype information in sufficient
detail to allow physical or operational modeling.  For example, a very
interesting clinic could be detailing an N&W branch line: track maps,
industries, loads, operations, and photographs of it then and now.

This is not the time to be modest, bashful or slothful.  If you have or have
an idea for a cracker-jack N&W or VGN based clinic why not volunteer to
present it?  You still have plenty of time to put it together.  Or if you
know of someone who could and should give a clinic, why not "out" him or her
- pass the information along to me and someone skilled in sweet-talking will
get in touch with him or her.

For Show & Tell, the subject does not have to be VGN or N&W but we will
present you with a Gold Star if it is.  Bring your completed model,
partially completed model, or plans for a model and display them to/discuss
them with the other modelers in attendance.  If you have a model you think
others would be interested in - heck, even if you think you're the only one
interested in it - bring it for display.  Show & Tell is not a contest;
there will be no judging.  Most people coming will naturally find
interesting all railroad models and projects.   We are already discussing
security for displays so your models will be in as secure an environment as
we can create.

By letting everyone know almost six months in advance, we hope to find
clinicians with the Right Stuff and to stimulate interest in the Show & Tell
displays.  Obviously it is not the organizers that make for a great MiniCon
- it is those on the program and those who participate.

I am looking forward to hearing from anyone who may be interested in
presenting a clinic, or knows somebody who could give a clinic, or would
like to bring models or projects for Show & Tell (or knows someone who ought
to bring something) or has any ideas they'd like to share.

Hilary Smith
Vienna, Virginia
hsmith8 at
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