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Let us not forget to whine incessantly for a Y6/Y6a. I've certainly done so. I guess a K1's too much to ask for...

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    I agree, too many J's, we need a small loco like the M's, all these manufactures forget about us short/Branch line modelers. Even their diesel offerings have too many axles for most of our layouts.-Gary Price
  The owner at BLI has a very high regard for the N & W. I spoke to him recently. He said there would be other N & W offerings in the future. He also stated that he has been listening to the pulse of his email for concessus on what models to make next. While this is not the only source for product decision it is one he relies on heavily. All one has to look at was how easy it was for me to get them to tool the "A" instead of the "J" in the beginning of BLI offerings.
  I am 100% certain that if enough of you wrote the site requesting an "M" you will see it happen! I will cobble up a letter tonight and get it off to them. I will copy the list and you guys can follow up!
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