Fwd: UPCOMING LYNCHBURG TO ROANOKE AMTRAK RIDE! The Inaugural run of a new regional train from Lynchburg to Roanoke and back.

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Good day Rick,
Please send this email out to all folks on your railroad email list and I will do the same thing by sending folks on my railroad email list also. Lee told me that he and some Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS Members have already made their reservations with Amtrak to ride this inaugural run round trip from Lynchburg to Roanoke and back. Lee wants bragging rights so he can tell his grandkids years from now! Ha! Anyway you need to make ticket reservations with Amtrak on your own. You also need to make any plans on what you plan on doing during your layover in Roanoke. If you want to make plans with someone going on the trip then that’s entirely up to you also. The BRC, NRHS is not responsible for any details involved with this trip. Space might be limited. First come, first served.
 The BRC can’t not guarantee any reservations that you make with Amtrak. Please do not call Rick Johnson or me for reservations. We have nothing to do with them. Hope a lot of folks can go. It will be fun. Thanks Lee for getting this information about this once in a lifetime event!
Norris Deyerle

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Monday July 11, 2022 will be the day that a new regional will be added to our area.

For those that are interested, a few of us are going take this ride.

Train #151 leaving Lynchburg at 11.45am arriving in Roanoke at 1.00pm.

Return on train #66 leaving Roanoke at 4.30pm arriving back in Lynchburg at 5.44pm.

Be the first one on your block to take this inaugural ride.

Right now the fare is 18 dollars for the round trip.

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