Coaling of New Locomotives at East End Shops

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All of the old timers that would know are no longer with us.

It is my understanding from conversations with Louis Newton the 
locomotives moved to Shaffers Crossing for final adjustments.  He told 
me about the time J 613 was involved in a rear end collision at Wallace, 
VA on Oct 1953.  It did considerable damage and was sent direct to 
Roanoke Shops for the heavy repair.  It was then moved to Shaffers 
Crossing to make adjustments to the valve gear etc. before it went back 
in service.  It seems the Westbound Main line was the testing area early 
in the mornings.

I can remember as a young boy when 611 was stored at Shaffers. If it sat 
for a period of time they would take it for testing before another 
trip.  The West bound main line was always used at night in the early 
hours of the morning for these test.  When this was done it would wake 
me up and I would listen to it being tested. My parents house was about 
a mile from the ML as the crow flies. My guess this was the practice 
earlier at Shaffers whenever they need to test at running speed or 
starting and stopping.

Jim Blackstock

On 7/3/2022 9:10 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> As I remember it, there was a supply of coal kept in the vicinity of 
> the tank shop for new tenders, and a standpipe for water.
> So when it was taken to the roundhouse to match up with its 
> locomotive, it already had enough stuff to cover the initial firing 
> and movement to Shaffers Crossing.
>  - Ed King
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>     How where newly built locomotives coaled at the East End Shops?
>     What, where and how were the newly built locomotives broke in
>     before entering service?
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