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That info helps out a lot.  Really what I needed to read and help my understanding of these cabs.  It also answers the question of the
LP tank and generator installation, truck mounted generator would not have a LP tank.

Nice to hear the info and small details from someone that rode these cabs and can tell about their “quirks”.

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>> From just these two responses and what I have found the questions I now have are:
>> 1.  What determined if the C31P got the LP tank on the under frame, I have seen pictures with and without that are random, 555630 is one     	 without.
>> 2.  The numbering were the C31’s all in the 518000 series and C31P’s 555000 series?  The numbers seem random and mixed with C32P      	 numbers.
>> 3.  When was the change in the truck generator?  The one drawing I found in the archives shows 1979, revised 1981 for the Dayco generator                	drive.
>> Would the Caboose book help me in additional info? 
> James,
>     One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the C31P & C32P cabs as built are not the same as today. For whatever reason, NS has mixed and matched the numbers around so as who knows what is what anymore. 
> That said, all of the C31P cabs were numbered 518XXX and all of the C32P cabs were numbered 555XXX.
> The LP tanks were already on the C31 cabs when they went to be converted as they were heated and with propane. The lights were even propane.
> C32P cabs were brand new from the factory and came with generators.
> C31 cabs got their generators when they were converted to the "P" spec. What kind it was? We didn't give a long as it worked!
> Yes, the caboose book is a good book. Very useful. However, one thing does stick out in my mind. It seems to me that the book makes a reference to the C31 cabs being converted to the "P" spec before the C32P cabs arrived. This is not true. The paperwork may have been done, but, the C32P cabs arrived on the scene before the C31P cabs made it out of the shed.
> A couple of thoughts. They C32P cabs came with high back bucket seats. These seats had the ability to flip over so you could always be seated in the direction of travel. Now, while some of you may think that these seats were a cool thing to have in a cab, they were uncomfortable because of the angle of the seatback and the padding in the head area.
> The "P" cabs also were equipped with very strong stainless steel screens for the windows. Yes, they would keep out a thrown rock, but, they also kept out a lot of the breeze needed to keep cool on hot days. As the screens were considered a safety feature and if you got caught with them open, some fool supervisors used that as an excuse to write you up!
> The C31 cabs with their coil springs (I don't understand why they had them in stead of leaf springs in the first place) could ride quite stiff at times. We had one conductor that would have you get some oil out of a car that had a plain journal box. He would then put the oil on only one side of the truck frame where the bolster slid. This would help the ride. Now, if you happened to oil both sides by mistake, then things really got bouncy!
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