Christmas Shopping on the Waynesboro Turn

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Yes, when I worked the Waynesboro Shifter, we used to get good DuPont leather gloves from time to time.Jimmy LisleSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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   A certain friend, a retired Train Dispatcher and Trainmaster on another railroad, recently remarked to me that a certain railroad had sent him a package of their 2022 calendars, and jokingly remarked that these would "cut down his Christmas shopping."
   So I had to offer the following counter-story about doing "Christmas shopping" on the railroad...  (I will blank out the man's last name to preclude the wrath of any of his descendants.)
    I used to work the Shenandoah-Waynesboro Turn with an old 1940s-hire Engineman named Ira XXXX.
    We spent a good part of our day switching inside the DuPont plant at Waynesboro.  To keep us "happy and productive,"  DuPont's Yardmaster, Walker Kiddie, occasionally gave us gloves from the allotment of gloves DuPont bought for its employees.
    Well, old Ira (or "I-ree," as his name was pronounced in the local vernacular) always hit up Walter for extra gloves.  And when Christmas came and I-ree was obliged to give gifts to his family members, he gave them each a pair of DuPont's gloves and one of those gray boxes of hand-towels such as used to be supplied on engines.
    "Tight" ...?  Yeah, I-ree was the paradigm example of the word "tight " ! 
    This was a half-century ago, so the Statute of Limitations has expired by now.
    -- abram burnett
    New Age Steam-punk Turnips

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