Concrete Mile Posts ?

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     The N&W did not replace them. They simply turned them over and 
painted the MP on them. It is very hard to see, but, if you look at the 
very bottom of the photo that I posted, you can see where the black 
portion of the "Consolidated" MP number is located. If there was any 
"reflective" coating in the white, it was long gone when I hired on.

Jimmy Lisle

On 7/22/2021 8:31 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Mr. Burnett:
> The N&W Std. Drawings book shows the original design dated May, 1916, 
> with revisions in 1926 & 1961. They are cast in a wood form, probably 
> at the Materials Yard in Roanoke, and then placed on-site. The 
> original version shows the mile post location to be painted, to 
> include a reflective material in the white paint, probably similar to 
> the glass beads used in roadway striping. I am guessing that starting 
> in 1961, NW replaced most, if not all of them system-wide with the 
> location cast into them and then over-painted, as I have seen them on 
> the VGN. They weigh ~900 lbs each and a fully intact one is 7'-6" 
> long. The concrete whistle posts are much lighter.....
> Not sure what the pre-1916 whistle posts are made of.
> Hope this helps.
> Russ Goodwin
> Oakwood, GA
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> Anyone know the details concerning concrete Mile Posts?
> - When were they installed?
> - Where were they made?
> - How much do they weigh?
> - From what material were the earlier Mile Posts made?
> Tach'mint.
> -- abram burnett
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