West Jefferson

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John -

Thanks for posting the description of the photo. I saw that photo on the
Radford Division Facebook page yesterday, and I was going to post it here to
see if anyone knew where the location in West Jefferson was, but you beat me
to it.

I am surprised how poorly maintained the spur line was in 1975. 

If the locomotive is crossing 1st street and heading toward the furniture
factory, is the farm supply building on Main Street ?

Paul Mandelkern
Winter Park, FL

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I am attaching a photo from 1975 on the spur line in WJ. The engine is
crossing 1st street   The white building on the right is the cheese plant.
Notice the old bus on the left in the background. There was an elderly
gentleman lived in the bus for several years   The brick building beyond the
bus was a farm supply business that may have brought products in by rail.
The Phoenix chair factory and the tie company would be out of sight in the
background. The water tank on the hill is for fire protection of the
furniture factory. Maybe this will be a little help with your layout.
John Baldwin    Lansing NC

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