No "call for signals" at train order stations after 1931

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 Abram Burnett said: "... IF, on the other hand, however, some of the main tracks had NOT been equipped with Automatic Block Signaling, then the station semaphores would still be serving as both Block and Train Order signals, and the longstanding rule of **whistle for the board and the engineman must see the arm moved to clear** would still apply. And the four-blast **call for signals** would be of vital importance."

One clarification: the N&W operating rules during this era depict the block signal with a flat-end blade. The train order signal had an inward-curve-end blade. I don't think train order signals were used as block signals, but it will be interesting to know when block signals were removed from the Shenandoah Division. I have observed that the train order lever frames have four lever slots but only two were used during later years. The other two slots which only had two positions --stop and proceed-- were evidentially for the block signal levers that were removed. 

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