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> There is an Abingdon Branch track map in folder #00170.14 showing tracks
> (including the wye)
> at West Jefferson revised to January, 1963.  Tracks are not identified by
> industry.  It does
> indicate that the water tank was donated to the Town of West Jefferson for
> fire protection. Scale
> is 1" equals 4,000 feet so it isn't very detailed.  It does show road
> crossings by name.
> As for industries,  you could usually count on coal for the Ashe County
> schools and box
> cars of LCL (less-than-carload) freight for West Jefferson.  At the end,
> Sprague Electric
> near Warrensville was probably the biggest shipper.  Spraugue overhauled
> transformers.
> In the early 70s, the Abingdon Branch was served once a week on Wednesdays.

Here is the info about the branch from 1969 with the notes from the shipper

Bruce in Blacksburg
*Official List of Open and Prepay Stations 84*
Effective November 15, 1969

2200 Abingdon (561) ........ Va

Connects at No 2200

2215 *Watauga (561) ......... Va
2230 *Alvarado (561) ........ Va
2250 *Damascus (99-561) ..... Va
2255 *Laureldale (561) ...... Va
2265 *Taylor's Valley (561). Va
2270 Creek Jct (561) ....... Va
2305 *Green Cove (561) ...... Va
2310 *Whitetop (561) ........ Va
2325 *Nella (561) ........... NC
2340 *Tuckerdale (561) ...... NC
2350 *Lansing (99-561) ...... NC
2365 * Warrensville (99-561) .... NC
2380 *Company Farm (561) .... NC
2385 *Colvards (Ashe Co) (44-561) ... NC
2390 West Jefferson (561) .. NC

44-Shipments for the following stations should be waybilled to the station
shown, subject to the special conditions at each station.

Station          Waybill to
Colvards        West Jefferson, NC

99-When consigned to the firms or persons shown in connection with the
following stations shipments, except "Shipper's Order Notify" shipments,
may be forwarded with freight charges "Collect" unless shipments are of
such nature that tariffs or the governing classification require
prepayment. Freight charges will be collected and billing handled by the
agent at the station indicated. Shipments for other consignees will be
governed by conditions shown in connection with each station.

Damascus -- Agent-Abingdon, VA
American Cyanamid Company
Brunswick Corporation

Lansing -- Agent-West Jefferson, NC
Lansing Grocery Company
Sprague Electric Company

Warrensville -- Agent-West Jefferson, NC
Sprague Electric Company

561-Carload freight only will be handled, except as follows:

1. An outbound less than carload shipment weighing 6,000 pounds or more,
from one consignor, will be handled when loaded by the consignor on a
public team track or private industry siding and does not require freight
house handling on the NW.

2. An inbound less than carload shipment weighing 6,000 pounds or more, to
one consignee, will be handled when unloaded by the consignee on a public
team track or private industry siding and does not require freight house
handling on the NW.

3. Less than carload shipments will be handled when loaded in the same car
with a carload shipment if the less than carload shipments are received
from the same consignor and are destined to the same consignee as the
carload shipment.

4. A less than carload shipment of used newsprint cores or used paper
winding cores, being returned from destination to the original point from
which such cores, wound with paper, were shipped in carloads, will be
handled provided such shipment is loaded by the consignor in a car
designated for newsprint loading and route of the return cores is the same
as the reverse route of the inbound car utilized.

5. Less than carload shipments being returned from destination to original
consignor and shipping point in equipment that is owned, assigned or leased
by consignor or consignee-provided the LCL shipment is loaded by the
original consignee and unloaded by the original consignor.

6. Less than carload shipments of automobile parts returned to points of
origin via the reverse route of the inbound shipment in assigned cars will
be handled if loaded by shipper on private tracks.

7. The exceptions in this note on less than carload traffic include less
than carload shipments moving on "any quantity" rates. (NW)
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