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 There is an Abingdon Branch track map in folder #00170.14 showing tracks (including the wye)at West Jefferson revised to January, 1963.  Tracks are not identified by industry.  It doesindicate that the water tank was donated to the Town of West Jefferson for fire protection. Scaleis 1" equals 4,000 feet so it isn't very detailed.  It does show road crossings by name.
As for industries,  you could usually count on coal for the Ashe County schools and boxcars of LCL (less-than-carload) freight for West Jefferson.  At the end, Sprague Electricnear Warrensville was probably the biggest shipper.  Spraugue overhauled transformers.In the early 70s, the Abingdon Branch was served once a week on Wednesdays.
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2 photos in N&WHS Archives show freight cars spotted on a track I know nothing about (boxcar at left) and an Interstate hopper unloading coal on the house track’s conveyor pit.  Is there a track map for West Jefferson showing industries (ICC valuation map would be great!)?  
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