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The Virginian had three classes of Mikados; all were gone before the 1959 merger.  They are covered nicely in H. Reic’s VIRGINIAN RAILWAY, which I think is available from the Society and should be in your library.

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  Apparently the Virginian ran 2-6-2 Mikado class steam locomotives (at least that's what a search of the NWHS Archives suggests to be the case).  

  Did the N&W run any Mikado steam locomotives?  Perhaps after the merger with Virginian?  

  If so, are photos available, or information on N&W locomotive numbers?


Closest you can get to an N&W Mikado  (actually a 2-8-2)  is the WSS version.   

The N&W and ACL shared that line and each provided equipment.  The ACL gave a couple of their old 2-8-2s and the N&W shopped them.  The ended up with N&W tanks, pilots, and other details, so that is as close as you can get. 

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