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Thanks for the free travelogue! Very interesting. I suspect that happens
fairly often near both coasts.


Dave Phelps

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> There is a short stretch of limited access highway in Meridian MS signed
> (on a single post I-20 W / I-59 S / US-11 S / MS-19 N.
>  Three out of four directions is amazing.
> Jim Stapleton
> Northernmost VA
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> > You’re welcome.
> >
> > Not sure what you mean or if you mistyped. US101, as an odd “two”-digit
> route, is north-south. But both in Southern California (L.A. to west of
> Santa Barbara as well as on the SF peninsula, it runs more east-west. But
> end-to-end, Los Angeles (historically, San Diego at the border) to near
> Olympia, WA, it is north-south. But it does get weird at the north end as
> it makes a half-loop around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington so
> northbound US101 approaches Olympia heading south. As a result, Washington
> signs it as east-west as it crossed the peninsula and then a reverse
> north-south for the final segment. So if you want to leave Olympia and
> follow 101 all the way to L.A., you first need to find North US101, then
> West US101, and finally South US101.
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