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There is a short stretch of limited access highway in Meridian MS signed (on a single post I-20 W / I-59 S / US-11 S / MS-19 N. 
 Three out of four directions is amazing. 

Jim Stapleton
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> Not sure what you mean or if you mistyped. US101, as an odd “two”-digit route, is north-south. But both in Southern California (L.A. to west of Santa Barbara as well as on the SF peninsula, it runs more east-west. But end-to-end, Los Angeles (historically, San Diego at the border) to near Olympia, WA, it is north-south. But it does get weird at the north end as it makes a half-loop around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington so northbound US101 approaches Olympia heading south. As a result, Washington signs it as east-west as it crossed the peninsula and then a reverse north-south for the final segment. So if you want to leave Olympia and follow 101 all the way to L.A., you first need to find North US101, then West US101, and finally South US101.
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