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"US"  and Interstate ("I") routes with even last numbers are east-west,
e.g. US460, I-64.  Odd numbers (US1, I-95) are north-south.

Dave Phelps

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> There will be many others who respond to this in great accuracy, the
> Virginian crossed the New River at Glen Lynn and continued towards Roanoke
> from there. It has been some time since I have driven that route, you used
> to be able to see the bridge supports that carried the rail bridge at that
> point. As 460 was being rebuilt, the old Virginian road bed became the
> route of the East/South bound lanes ( I suppose Rt 460 is technically a N/S
> road), as you progress from Glen Lynn to Narrows, there is another river
> rail crossing which carries N&W trackage.
>  R.D.
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> My understanding is the 460 is essentially the Virginian Right of Way.
> Going to and from Roanoke, at Narrows, there are tracks on both sides of
> the New River. Are both of those N&W, is this one of the areas where N&W
> and Virginian competed?  Do I have it all wrong?
> Thank you.
> Mike Shockley
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