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There will be many others who respond to this in great accuracy, the Virginian crossed the New River at Glen Lynn and continued towards Roanoke from there. It has been some time since I have driven that route, you used to be able to see the bridge supports that carried the rail bridge at that point. As 460 was being rebuilt, the old Virginian road bed became the route of the East/South bound lanes ( I suppose Rt 460 is technically a N/S road), as you progress from Glen Lynn to Narrows, there is another river rail crossing which carries N&W trackage.

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My understanding is the 460 is essentially the Virginian Right of Way. Going to and from Roanoke, at Narrows, there are tracks on both sides of the New River. Are both of those N&W, is this one of the areas where N&W and Virginian competed?  Do I have it all wrong?
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Mike Shockley
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