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Ken has it exactly correct.

     Ray Smoot

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Thanks for your renewal!

When the train arrives at night, it pulls into the station from the east. I believe the rest is correct, but I’ve only witnessed it once.

When it goes to be put to bed at the Amtrak facility near JK, it backs through the Campbell Avenue wye, and goes on the east leg then pulls south to go into the Amtrak facility spur about a half mile or so south.

In the morning, it backs out of its spur and backs through the west leg of the wye and into the station track to pull straight east from there.

Ken Miller

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Just renewed my membership gladly for another year…I notice on the Roanoke Rail Cam that the Amtrak train backs in to the platform .Where is it backing from? And how does it leave the yard ? Dumb questions I know but just had to ask .Ken Tanner (Former Roanoker)
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