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Are these the large (approx. 2’ wide and 4’ long) heavy paper forms that the dispatchers used to record the train numbers, locomotives used, last names of train crew members, etc, and also recorded the times the train was reported to pass a certain location? If so, the ones I have are not Form C.T. 544 but C.T. Forms 551 and 552. Just wanting to clarify so I know if I can help or not.

Jim Detty
Lucasville, Ohio

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The Norfolk and Western Historical Society is requesting, for the archives, the following material. The society is currently looking for the following titled form: “Norfolk & Western Dispatcher’s Record of Movement of Trains”. This is N&W form C.T. 544. There is one page per day. While we are looking for any geographical area, we are especially the states of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania. There can be several different locations in the same state.

The charts may be donated or placed on loan for scanning and return. If requested, N&WHS will pay all shipping costs. Our shipping address is:
Norfolk and Western Historical Society
PO Box 13908
Roanoke, VA 24038

The Archives Committee
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