75 Years Ago

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We were there in 1992. The cemetery was intensely moving —- and beautiful
in its own way.

Mike Pierry, Jr.

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> Agree with all of you on this....we just returned from Normandy on June
> 2nd, with visits to Omaha and Utah Beach.  The Airborne Museum was
> outstanding!  Need two full days for all but Utah and Omaha and Museum can
> be done in one, if time is tight.  The beaches are thankfully mostly free
> from tacky souvenir shops so to walk them in relative "pristine" condition
> makes imaging what those from the 101st and 82nd and numerous other units
> accomplished for our freedom especially poignant.
> Ed Svitil
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>   I had the privilege of visiting Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, the US
> Cemetery and Caen this past January.  Best trip that I have every taken.
> Left with an even greater sense of pride and gratitude.
>   Great tribute Ken.
> Todd Arnett
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