75 Years Ago

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Agree with all of you on this....we just returned from Normandy on June 2nd, with visits to Omaha and Utah Beach.  The Airborne Museum was outstanding!  Need two full days for all but Utah and Omaha and Museum can be done in one, if time is tight.  The beaches are thankfully mostly free from tacky souvenir shops so to walk them in relative "pristine" condition makes imaging what those from the 101st and 82nd and numerous other units accomplished for our freedom especially poignant.

Ed Svitil

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  I had the privilege of visiting Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, the US Cemetery and Caen this past January.  Best trip that I have every taken.  Left with an even greater sense of pride and gratitude.

  Great tribute Ken.

Todd Arnett
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