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Generally the passenger trains were named by the advertising department as a way to promote them. They would generally be the mainline trains, like the Powhatan Arrow, Pocahontas, Cavalier, Tennessean and Birmingham Special. Some train names were made to understand the route, or destinations, others to make them more glamorous. Some trains like the trains between Richmond and Norfolk had unofficial names, like the Cannonball, or trains 1 and 2 on the Shenandoah Division were called the “New York Trains” but nothing official. 

For the operating department, names were generally part of it on a local level, but for timetable and train order purposes, they were also assigned train numbers which is how they can be referred to for operating instructions, such as an order for extra 2176 to meet train 25 at such and such a point.

The N&W also had a few freights named in the 1930s, but those faded away rather rapidly and numbers ruled.

Does that help any?

Ken Miller

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> i model the N & W Peavine and am wondering how the trains ore named. I was reading the latest issue of the Arrow and saw the trains at 12:01 PM had numbers. The Arrow was 25,26 and the Cavalier was 15,16. Does anyone have this information?
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