Two Axle Scale Test cars

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> I assume it was there to check the scales at the shredder, but anything is
> possible!

​A scale check seems most plausible. A number of years ago when delivering
#1 son back to Lynchburg College from Blacksburg, we stopped and took
pictures of a scale test car sitting on the siding into the Montvale
shredder. Given the relationship between NS and Cycle Systems (or whoever
they are these days) for scrapping diesels and other equipment, it would
seem that their yard would be the destination for a to-be-scrapped scale
test car. I will agree that anything is possible, though (on another trip
we saw two ex-Southern radio-control box cars sitting on the same Montvale
siding -- don't know if they were bad-order set-outs or were destined for
the shredder).

Bruce in Blacksburg
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