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Reviewing 1949 timetables from N&W's Norfolk Division and Southern's Washington
and Danville divisions, it appears that No. 10 originating on the N&W became No. 142
at Montview.  Seven minutes was allocated for the move between Montview and
Kinney. No. 141 became N&W No. 9 at that point.  Nos. 9/10 were mail and
express trains on the N&W, but did carry a rider coach.  Southern Nos. 141-142 made
limited stops between Monroe and Alexandria--Charlottesville was the only station
stop from No. 141.  With service solely in Virginia, Nos. 9 and 10 disappeared in the
late 50s.  N&W cited lack of passenger patronage for discontinuance. 

For Norfolk Division train crews, the train was handed over to Southern train crews
at Kemper Street, but engine crews swapped at Monroe, so between Kemper Street
and Monroe, it was a mixed crew.                    Harry Bundy
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