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Fri Feb 2 06:52:41 EST 2018

Over the years I have seen several references to trains 141 and 142 which ran between Roanoke and Monroe on the Southern. References were to the late 1940s and early 1950s.

These trains are listed in Southern employee timetables of that era, coming to and departing the Southern at Montview over the double wye connecting to the N&W at Kinney.

Can anyone provide insight into these trains on the N&W, such as:

When did they begin and end?

Where on the N&W did  they originate?

Did they carry only mail?

What was a typical consist?

Upon their termination, which trains (42, 18, 46 and 41, 17, 45)  handled this mail, or was it moved to trucks?

Any insight will be appreciated.

      Ray Smoot

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