N& W Signaling series. Need a favor!

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What magazine? year and month?

I am using JMRI and digitrax signaling, I will be modeling the N&W, 
right now I have a Milwaukee road bridge signal set with multi-heads, 
using single targets and RG LED's, the digitrax system can do that, 
works great.

A basic understanding of signaling, some minor programming abilities 
will get you far on JMRI.

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> N& W Signaling series. Need a favor!
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> Morning!
> I need a huge favor. I an starting to plan the signalling system for 
> my version of the Pokey. I have a friend who is helping me with the 
> electronics and software. He would like to read the entire series. 
> Here is my problem. Last year my wife started an Embroidery Biz and 
> want to switch our office for her sewing room. In the move a lot of my 
> stuf got boxed and I cannot find the first three issues that have the 
> series in them. I have issues 4,5 and 6 of the series.
> Any chance someone could scan the other three and email them to me? It 
> would save me a ton of time!!!!
> Thanks in Advance!!
> Ray Russell Sr.

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