Christmas Eve 60 Years Ago

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> See article in the Arrow, Vol.25, No.4 regarding the date. There are 
> also three versions of the recording - the Fading Giant LP (about 6 
> minutes), the single CD same title (about 11 minutes), and the box set 
> of CDs (about 11 minutes). The longer versions have more leading and 
> trailing sections. Probably the most evocative railroad recording ever 
> made. Play it every year, regardless of the exact date.
> Dave Stephenson
     Not to take away from the "Fading Giant" recording, but, 
personally, I find "Sounds of Steam Railroading Vol.1", Track 5", 
"Number 2 arriving and leaving Luray, Va." (5 min. 14 sec.) just as 
powerful and a bit easier on the ears (if you know what I mean).

Jimmy Lisle
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