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As I was corrected several years ago by Dave Stephenson, the recordings
were actually made three days later at Rural Retreat. It sounds more
nostalgic to make it Christmas eve than December 27, so you still have
until tomorrow to celebrate. And in reality, as long as we have the
recordings, we can have that wonderful memory to remind us of a time long
ago, now all but lost, to go to sleep to. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Louis Newton has also told us that Jawn Henry breathed its last several
weeks earlier when it had a failure which was by then, far too expensive to
repair, especially when steam was out, diesel were in, and the 2300 was a
one of a kind.

Bob Cohen

60 years ago tonight Mr. Link made his famous Christmas Eve recording of
Class J 603 powering Train 42,The Pelican, at Rural Retreat, Virginia.
December 31, 1957 was the last night steam powered Southern's through
trains between Bristol and Monroe.
We are all blessed by his vision and efforts.

Also locomotive 2300, Jawn Henry, was permanently retired on this same date
and moved from
Shaffers Crossing to East End Shops for scrapping. It's final 'trip' after
only 3 1/2 years.

Wishing all a nostalgic Merry Christmas.

John Garner
Newport VA
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