N&W trains that trains typically carried M1 Railway Post Office cars

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Evan Miller asked "...which trains typically carried M1's.  Howard Leedy
mentioned 15 & 16 and the Pocahontas. ..."

The easy part of the answer is that 60-feet RPOs only operated on the
Columbus & Norfolk and Norfolk & Cincinnati routes.  Other N&W lines had
15- and 30-feet RPO car assignments.

The more difficult aspect is the year and route segment.  Attached as an
example are pages from a Third Division Railway Mail Service Schedule #514,
effective April 4, 1946.  In the second scan attached, please read down the
"Space Authorizations" column for "R.P.O."  Any entry for 60' are the
segments and trains for which a Class M1 RPO car were assigned.  It is
notable that for some trains, a 30-feet car was used between Norfolk and
Lynchburg, then a 60-feet car continued in the train between Lynchburg and
Bluefield.  These space assignments changed during earlier and later years.

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