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Hey Andre

That was how places were designated in the day, my father’s time books are the same way. I don’t remember where the initials came from, and don’t remember the others without doing some digging. But R is Roanoke
and U is Bluefield.

I’ll see if I can come up with a list.

Ken Miller

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> Hello fellow listers:
> I recently came across an Oct. 1950 N&W conductor's train book of one E.J. Kegley, who worked the Radford Division.
> A coupla abbreviations stumped me, in part because I don't have in my stash a list of Stations, Sidings, etc. My apologies in advance for any ignorance on my part either expressed or implied.
> Herewith:
> --Several runs noted by Mr. Kegley are between "R" and a mysterious "U." Nomenclature of telegraph office initials in ETT's of that age were no help. The "R" seems obvious to be Roanoke. On the runs to "U" they all seem to begin/end at Blake, some 8.88 miles east of Bluefield. Does "U" = Blake and did crews routinely begin/end runs there?
> --On some runs on the Bristol Line (Pulaski District), he likewse notes an intermediate stop at what looks like an "E" abbreviation, a place some 45 minutes' run by Y6a west of Radford and 40 minutes before reaching Atkins?
> --Another run lists a "D" as 3 min run East of "E"? I assume the former is Dublin?
> --I assume (always a risk, LOL) that nomenclature such as "P-53" and "P-74" refer to Pulaski Dist. sidings at mileposts of that number, which occur at Groseclose and Chilhowe, respectively?
> --A coupla runs of Train 75 on the Galax Branch cite beginnings at "E" and end points at "X40," "X50" or X52? I'm assuming the "X" references branchline MP's? Or mebbe not? And there's that Big "E" again!
> Any insights, lifting of the veil of time, etc., are welcomed and appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Andre Jackson
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