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Hello fellow listers:
> I recently came across an Oct. 1950 N&W conductor's train book of one E.J.
> Kegley, who worked the Radford Division.
> A coupla abbreviations stumped me, in part because I don't have in my
> stash a list of Stations, Sidings, etc. My apologies in advance for any
> ignorance on my part either expressed or implied.
> Herewith:

> --Several runs noted by Mr. Kegley are between "R" and a mysterious "U."
> Nomenclature of telegraph office initials in ETT's of that age were no
> help. The "R" seems obvious to be Roanoke. On the runs to "U" they all seem
> to begin/end at Blake, some 8.88 miles east of Bluefield. Does "U" = Blake
> and did crews routinely begin/end runs there?

​It doesn't look like these are telegraph codes, although at one time
Radford was "R" before being changed to JC.

> --On some runs on the Bristol Line (Pulaski District), he likewse notes an
> intermediate stop at what looks like an "E" abbreviation, a place some 45
> minutes' run by Y6a west of Radford and 40 minutes before reaching Atkins?
> --Another run lists a "D" as 3 min run East of "E"? I assume the former is
> Dublin?

"​E" sounds like Pulaski, which fits with the runs to Galax starting at
"E"​ and "D" could be Dora Junction, the start of the North Carolina Branch.

> --I assume (always a risk, LOL) that nomenclature such as "P-53" and
> "P-74" refer to Pulaski Dist. sidings at mileposts of that number, which
> occur at Groseclose and Chilhowe, respectively?
> --A coupla runs of Train 75 on the Galax Branch cite beginnings at "E" and
> end points at "X40," "X50" or X52? I'm assuming the "X" references
> branchline MP's? Or mebbe not? And there's that Big "E" again!

​Bruce in Blacksburg
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